Hanging out in the sunshine and enjoying the good times- now that’s what we call a sweet life. Here at Nectar, we’re with you wherever your wild adventures take you. We want you to go after what you love and enjoy every second of the chase. Push the limits, do what’s never been done and don’t worry, Nectar’s got you covered.
Jamie O'Brien -
Jamie O'Brien - "Three words that sum up my life: 'Life is perfect!'" JAMIE’S CHOICE || DARTY
Eric Rienstra -
Eric Rienstra - "Life is simple on a board." ERIC’S CHOICE || STOKE
Greg Lutzka -
Greg Lutzka - "I'm stoked to represent all the good things this life has to offer." GREG'S CHOICE || BUNGALOW
Pat Smith -
Pat Smith - "Let go of what you can't control." PAT'S CHOICE II SWAG
Phillip Kervel -
Phillip Kervel - "Imagine floating on a cloud of pillows" - PHILLIP'S CHOICE II BOMBAY
Connor Askew -
Connor Askew - "Don't make plans; Just go with the flow of how you feel at that time. Live your life as it comes and love every second of it." - CONNORS'S CHOICE || SWAG
Michiel De Vogeleer -
Michiel De Vogeleer - "It’s the tracks you choose that defines your life." MICHIEL'S CHOICE I BOMBAY
Suzanne Vermeer -
Suzanne Vermeer - "Do what you love and love what you do." SUUS' CHOICE || POMPEII
Luke Pompa -
Luke Pompa - "Snowboard boots still on my feet in a night club! The sign of an awesome day!" LUKE’S CHOICE || DISCO
Billy Bjork -
Robert Pokovec -
Robert Pokovec - "The best thing though is, when I get on the water and ride, everything else disappears, it´s just me shreddin'." - ROBERT'S CHOICE || EPIC
Brad Domke -
Brad Domke - "Get out there and face your fears." BRAD'S CHOICE || EPIC